You’ll earn every mile along the epic 100-mile Storming of Thunder Ridge route. We’ve got you covered with an awesome, well-marked course and well-stocked rest stops.

You’ll warm up on flats and gentle rollers before things start to get interesting. The field will then begin to separate into smaller groups as the road throws a series of hills, flats and descents into the mix. You’re working your way to foothills of the mountains and the start of a 13-mile, no-joke ascent to the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Hope you brought your climbing legs… Find a tempo and maybe a rabbit, and start your climb up to Thunder Ridge. The climb slowly pitches upward with an average gradient of six percent. It’s unrelenting and gets steeper toward the top. Viatcheslav Ekimov, winner of the 1994 Tour Du Pont, had this to say about it during one of the stages, “It is long, but not very steep.” Easy for you to say, Eki!

When you get to the top, there are two payoffs. First, a well-deserved rest stop to refuel. And second, a super sweet, fast ride to the Peaks of Otter to spin out the lactic acid and conclude your ride on the Parkway.


Get ready to fly because you’re now coming down the mountain. The descent from the Peaks is both fast and technical. Tuck in and max out during the long, straight stretch before returning to the backroads. You’re now a little more than halfway done and you find another rest stop.

The century stays with the 75 mile riders a bit longer to experience the 4 Hills of Otterville — you depart your friends at mile #62 – where you must check in with the friendly volunteers at Rest Stop #5 — there is a cut off time of 2PM.

Bid your Metric riding companions adieu, because you’re striking out on your own. Follow a mix of flats and hills into and through Goode.  You’ll experience two favorite climbs — The Sausage Grinder and the Nemesis — both are guaranteed to get those legs talking!   You’ll be able to hammer on and chew up the miles until you get to the last two  rest stops at mile  #75 and #88.

From the last stop, the ride in isn’t downhill but it’s gently rolling and smooth – a welcome way to finish an epic ride. Great job, you badass!

Check in with the volunteers, set your bike down and enjoy some great food, music, and prizes. Congratulations.

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