Looking for a challenge?

Then join your friends and fellow cyclists on a 45-mile tour over rolling hills and along meandering back roads.

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the tranquility of cool, running streams as you pedal at your own pace on safe and lightly-traveled roads.

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything! Highly visible route directions. Fully-stocked rest stops with bathrooms. Mechanical help. Event staff driving the route to check on you. Even perfect weather. (Okay, we can’t guarantee that!)

You’ll start your ride on flat roads. By the time you’ve warmed up, you’ll be ready for some hills. Gear down and know that your effort will be rewarded each time with flat or downhill sections of road so you can recover.

Need to refill your water bottle or an energy snack? The first rest stop is at mile 18. You’ve reached Sedalia where you’ll encounter long, level stretches of road and shade. Feel free to stop and relax at the Sedalia Store. A short climb from Curtis takes you back to 122 which features wide, smooth pavement.

Gear down to get over the last hill because you’ve now arrived at the second rest stop. Find some shade and grab a snack to get ready for the start of your ride to the finish.

The next 4 miles are challenging: you’ve got four hills to scale. It’s difficult but so is anything worth doing. You can do it! Gear down and take it slow. Tick each one off in your head. You’re so close!

When you get to end of the road (there is one last rest stop here — perfect place to regroup with your friends), be sure to pat yourself on the back and take a moment to recover. There’s one more hill and then you’re in the home stretch. Great job!

Now go celebrate your awesome accomplishment at the finish by reconnecting with your friends, fellow cyclists or family members. Congratulations! Enjoy great food, music, and prizes. Then stick around to cheer other cyclists as they return from their ride.

Check out the route map online.