You’ve trained, now it’s time to sow your oats.

Join your friends and fellow cyclists for the 75 Mile route and win bragging rights for Monday.

This challenging yet highly achievable course follows lightly-traveled back roads and features the right mix of climbs, descents and flats to test your fitness.

Did we mention the views and ride support? The Blue Ridge Mountains make for a stunning backdrop as you pedal along well-marked roads. We’ve also got fully-stocked rest stops, friendly volunteers and mechanical support should you need it. So focus on pushing yourself – we’ve got you covered!

Roll with your friends whenever you’re ready. You’ll start your ride on flats and gentle rollers. After you’ve warmed up, the course gets hillier. Don’t sweat it, they’re short and are followed by flats and descents to recover. You’re working your way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. In fact, around mile #14, you can see the radar tower up on the mountain. That’s where you’re going today.

Once you reach the Parkway, get ready to climb. It’s not very steep, but it’s a steady, 13-mile ascent that winds its way up to Thunder Ridge, the highest point on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Gear down and find that tempo because you’ll be rewarded at the top with breathtaking views, a rest stop to refuel and, best of all, a sweet stretch of road to spin out your legs as you make your way to the Peaks of Otter. By the way, the hardest part of your ride is behind you.  Great job, you’ve earned it!

What goes up must come down. In your case, the payoff is a fast descent from the Parkway where you’ll leave theJefferson National Forest and return to the back roads of Bedford County. You’re now working your way back to the finish.

There are two rest stops after the mountain, rest stop #4 is at mile #54. Regroup with your friends, grab some energy and get ready to bring it home.

But first, it’s gut-check time. You’ve got four climbs – the four hills of Otterville – to test you. Go ahead, count them down. And when you get to end of the road, pat yourself on the back: you passed.  You will find your last rest stop here.

Alright, there’s one more tough hill. Look for the smiley-face at the top. You’re now in the home stretch. Get yourself in a paceline and enjoy the final miles of your 75 miler. Awesome job!

Every great effort has it rewards. Go celebrate your ride with friends, fellow cyclists or family members. Enjoy some great food, music, and prizes. Congratulations.

Check out the route map online.