January 2021

"Give Back, Do Good" launched in January with the collection and redistribution of coats for Lynchburg City School students. Jay Parker, YMCA of CVA CEO, and Mary Taylor, YMCA of CVA Development Director delivered over 200 coats for kids to Dr. Crystal Edwards and Zebia Christian of Lynchburg City Schools. 

In addition to the coats, we were also able to provide LCS with 200 water bottles for children to ensure safe hydration practices during the pandemic.


February 2021

During the month of February the Y collected 64 bags of toiletries for our friends a the Lighthouse. 

The mission of the Lighthouse is to show the Love of Christ to global and local communities by serving in practical ways and providing a dignified environment for spiritual growth. 

tree of life

March 2021

During the month of March the Y is collecting socks for Tree of Life Ministries Midtown. 

Midtown services homeless and low income families that do not meet the requirements to qualify for government assistance. Tree of Life Midtown serves approximately 75 families a week. These families are able to come “shop” on Tuesdays at no charge. 



April 2021

For the month of April we are collecting antibacterial surface wipes, (such as Clorox or Lysol wipes) and Rice Krispy treats for the Jubilee Family Development Center. 

About Jubilee: Jubilee is open year-round and offers many after-school academic/tutoring programs and mentoring programs. Jubilee Family Development Center changes lives. Each day, Jubilee’s staff and volunteers serve as teachers and role models to hundreds of children and young adults who come to Jubilee for tutoring, mentoring, and social support services. Jubilee’s dedication to their success, and the success that these children in turn demonstrate through their academic and personal growth, proves that the knowledge that someone believes in you can generate tremendous pride in oneself.

Parkview Community Mission

May 2021

For the month of May we are collecting 64oz bottles of laundry detergent and paper towels for Parkview Community Mission. 

The mission of Parkview Community Mission is is to restore the lives of families and communities by building relationships and providing life-changing resources. Please come along side the YMCA, and be a force for good by donating to this outstanding community resource. 


June 2021

Unity in the Seven Hills is a small new thought ministry that serves those affected by food insecurities. The installment of the food pantry was successful, and we have learned that the need for this type of program is more significant than we could have imagined. 

Please consider bringing the following items to the YMCA during June: 

  • Canned Proteins
  • Boxed Cereal 
  • Individually Wrapped Children's Snacks

Thank you to our Y members for your generosity and commitment to a better community for all. 



July 2021

Located on Halifax Avenue just beyond downtown Lynchburg, Mary Bethune Academy is a non-profit early childhood education center, serving children ages 6-Weeks to 5-Years of age. We serve the entire Lynchburg community and surrounding areas, with a focus on inner-city, at-risk children and their families. Mary Bethune Academy is proud to be a United Way partner agency and a certified “Success by Six” Center, which focuses on kindergarten readiness for every child. Our dedicated staff of trained teachers, some of whom have been employed at Mary Bethune Academy for over 25 years, work diligently to provide a safe and nurturing child care experience for everyone.

Please consider bringing the following items to the YMCA for Mary Bethune Academy: 

  • Crayola Paints
  • Play Doh and Play Doh Accessories 
  • Crayola Marker Sets 
  • Crayola "Larger Crayon" Sets 
  • Large bottles of Elmer's Glue

September 2021

This month the YMCA is collecting necessities for the Lynchburg Humane Society. LHS finds homes for over 4,000 pets each year.  Please drop the items listed below off at any of our convenient locations, and we will deliver the items to the humane society. 

  • Purina Cat or Kitten Chow
  • Purina Dog or Puppy Chow
  • Medium & Large Dog Harnesses
  • Kitten/cat canned food (no dyes or fish flavors please)- desperate needs
  • Puppy/dog canned food- desperate need!
  • Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR)
  • Baby food ( Gerber poultry please)
  • Towels
  • Blankets & Comforters
  • Cat & Dog toys
  • Kongs
  • Peanut Butter (no xylitol)
  • Dog & Cat Treats

October 2021

This month the Y is collecting items for Isaiah 117 House, a national non-profit that helps foster children during the transition from their homes into foster care. We will collect for both girls and boys.

Items Needed:
(Ages Newborn - Five years old)

  • New shoes
  • New underwear
  • New socks
  • Pants-new or gently worn
  • Shirts-new or gently worn
  • Sweaters-new or gently worn
  • Diapers-all sizes
  • Formula-powder

Isaiah 117 House provides physical and emotional support in a safe and loving home for children awaiting foster care placement.

When children are removed from their homes out of the concern for their welfare, they are usually brought to the Department of Social Services Offices to await placement with a foster family. This wait can be several hours to nearly a full day. These children often have nothing with them and are scared, lonely, hungry, and often in dirty clothing.

Isaiah 117 wants to provide a comforting home where these children instead can be brought to wait-a place that is safe with friendly and loving volunteers who provide them clean clothes, smiles, toys, and snuggly blankets. This space will allow children to receive the comfort and care they need while DSS staff are able to the necessary paperwork and identify a good foster placement.

RMT pantry

November 2021

This month we are collecting canned fool items for Rivermont Food Pantry. 

This Rivermont Area Emergency Food Pantry (RAEFP) has been around since the 1990s. "Clients" are referred to the RAEFP through the neighborhood churches and receive food kits.  Six churches fund this program and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church manages the pantry. Families work with Social Services in the Lynchburg and surrounding counties and the food is distributed to individuals and families who need it the most


December 2021

In December we will be collecting space heaters for the Madison House of The Arts.

Madison House of the Arts is a creative space with a mission to uplift our community through art. We meet the community’s needs by listening and offering essential needs and services that improve quality of life. We use the power of art to connect and support our local community.