Looking forward to climbing Thunder Ridge without riding 75 miles?  Does 48 miles sound more reasonable?

Then join your friends and fellow cyclists on the Mountain Only route —  this route will START and STOP at the Sedalia Center – it will involve you driving to the REMOTE STARTING LOCATION and riding a super loop from there.

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything!   Highly visible route directions. Fully-stocked rest stops with bathrooms. Mechanical help. Event staff driving the route to check on you. Even perfect weather. (Okay, we can’t guarantee that!)

Once you have your bike unloaded, helmet strapped on, you are ready to roll —  in a short distance, you will be joining other cyclists that are riding the 75 and 100 mile routes.  You will hook up with them as they are turning onto route 501 from route 122.  You will be with them for the next 25 miles as you all climb and descend Thunder Ridge.  You will have a fully stocked rest stop approximately 7 miles into the climb, then another one at the top of the climb 12.5 miles.   From there, you will have a super FUN descent on the Blue Ridge Parkway – just two small bumps are in that 9 mile trek down.   At the Peaks of Otter you will be turning LEFT onto Route 43 — this is a VERY technical descent and you should use extreme caution riding down it.  Keep tapping your breaks to slow down prior to cornering – don’t ride your breaks – you will blow out your rim.    After your last rest stop (rest stop #4 in Otterville), you will depart your long distance friends and head back towards Big Island – you will have the pleasure of riding though a wonderful community called Curtis –  where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the tranquility of cool, running streams as you pedal at your own pace on safe and lightly-traveled roads.

Once you’ve loaded your bicycle on your car, please drive back to the Jamerson YMCA and go celebrate your awesome accomplishment at the finish by reconnecting with your friends, fellow cyclists or family members. Congratulations! Enjoy great food, camaraderie , and prizes. Then stick around to cheer other cyclists as they return from their ride.

Check out the route map online