Aqua Fitness Classes at the Central Virginia YMCA


Water group exercise classes are a wonderful alternative to “land” exercises. With water exercise, you receive the same benefits of a cardiovascular workout with less impact on your joints. All fitness levels and non-swimmers are welcome!

Aqua Groove

A high energy dancercise class in the water!

Aqua Relaxation

Warm up with big stretches and gentle movements. Continue into energetic cardio work. Then choose to stay in the shallow or move to the deep for upper body work. Follow with a relaxing warm down.

Deep Water HIIT

Interval training in the deep water that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity, followed by shallow end stretching of all muscle groups.

Duel Depth Aqua

Whether you choose to work in the shallow or the deep, you will get a high intensity, calorie-burning workout, finish off with full-body stretches. The perfect way to start your weekend.

High Intensity Deep Water

Challenging high intensity cardio activities in the deep water, followed by shallow end stretching of all muscle groups. For maximum benefit, emphasis is on proper form throughout the class.

Water Wake up

A fun, moderate to high energy workout using a combination of shallow and deep-water exercises. Meant to keep you energized all day long.

Water Yoga

The traditional forms and movements of ancient yoga are set in a warm water environment. Wonderful for balance, flexibility and strength.

Swim Camp

4 lanes open for member lap swimming.