Dance and Zumba classes at the Lynchburg Virginia YMCA


Dance calories away in Zumba and other dance fitness classes! These high-energy workouts get you moving in a fun atmosphere with motivating music.

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Barre Fusion

This class infuses elements of Pilates, Ballet, and total body conditioning with controlled movements. This class will use the BARRE, light weights, resistance bands, fit balls and may include a cardiovascular element. No dance experience is necessary.


REFIT® is structured around cardio-dance movements, toning is also incorporated to give you a total-body workout. Using fun, positive, and uplifting music, REFIT® is easy to follow and will both challenge fitness enthusiasts and welcome beginners.

Vibe Fitness

An exercise science-based dance format which cohesively blends authentic studio style dance with cutting edge fitness to deliver a fun, non-stop, safe and results driven workout that appeals to all levels and abilities.