This class is designe specifically for those who have Parkinson’s disease or PD-like conditions. The principles behind theexercises in this class are based on neuro-scientific research and include: large-amplitude movement, completeness of movements and maximal effort with movement. Physical exercise and socialization are the focus of this class. If you are dealing with Parkinson’s disease, or know someone who is, you are invited to join us to get a new perspective of living life with Parkinson’s!




"I feel better and have more strength for functioning throughout the day, including much more endurance.  I enjoy the encouragement I am able to give and receive from others who are dealing with like struggles.  I do not have Parkinsons but was diagnosed with Gullain Barre Syndrome at age 40 and suffer from nerve damage and muscle deterioration which is now affecting my gait, balance and stability.  The PWR! Moves has been beneficial in strengthening my core muscles which transfers benefit to all of my daily activities.” – Glen Shrewsbury, Participant

I am more aware of my posture and I have seen a lot of gains in strength. I enjoy the friendships I am building with the other guys in the class. I find the atmosphere very encouraging and fun and not at all depressing. It has improved my mental quickness and I feel more positive.” – Steve Stewart, Participant

This is such a necessary program. As a physical therapist volunteering during this session, I observe excellent improvements in movement patterns during activities.  This program is exceptional in its research and best practice based exercise activities. - Barbara Garman P.T., Volunteer Assistant

The PWR class has been and continues to be a positive for me. The initial goal I had was to gain some strength and flexibility. The fellowship has been a major benefit also.  Coming to class is worth the effort. - Norman Payne, Participant

The program is motivational, I now exercise five days a week. Julie inspires us to push ourselves to our limits.” - Len Foster, Participantparkinsons2

The program works, and my movement has greatly improved. The instructors are fantastic and superb motivators” - Dave McMahon

The class has helped me in many ways. First, I have met a lot of new friends who have some of the same problems that I have. Second, the exercises have helped me to be able to use my body in better ways, for example, I am able to balance better when walking. My legs and arms have more strength. Third, I am so thankful that we have the classes and I hope they will continue.” – Shirley C. Arrington

Class Date & Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 1:15 Location: Group Fitness Studio at the Jamerson Family Branch
Cost: $45 members | $75 non-members
Contact: Randi Abell; 
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434-582-1900 (Jamerson) 434-847-5597 (Downtown) 434-455-5996 (Express) 434-200-7097 (Bowen Wellness Center)


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