So, you’re considering Storming of Thunder Ridge? Great!

Perhaps SOTR will be your first charity ride, first 75 miler or first Century. Or, maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been on your bike. Either way, you should have a plan to achieve your goal.

Yeah, that entails training. You do want to finish SOTR with minimal discomfort, right?

Here are some straight-forward tips:

Commit – There’s no greater motivator than getting some skin in the game, circling the SOTR ride date on the calendar and telling your friends you’re riding SOTR.

Find A Buddy –  There’s a high likelihood that you can find someone who will join you in training and riding SOTR. Think of a consistent riding partner as insurance against bagging training rides. Besides, it’s less lonely and safer to ride in pairs.

Just Ride – Time in the saddle is the single most important key to your ride success. You don’t have to ride 50+ miles every day; just ride more. Try to get in three “short” rides during the week and one “long” ride on the weekend. Your mileage will vary based upon your event.

GET A TRAINING PLAN or a COACH – Contact our partner for training plans designed especially for SOTR  – Peaks Coaching Group  — for coaching services click here.

For more training tips, Bicycling offers a helpful, multi-week plan that can be modified for the route you choose.