WE KNOW YOU'RE CONSTANTLY ON THE GO! That's why we are pleased to offer our members, ages 18 and older, convenient 24-hour access to the wellness center at the YMCA on Old Forest Road starting March 18th, 2024 for only $4.99 per month, per user who chooses to take advantage of this access!

This enhancement symbolizes our unwavering commitment to meet your needs, offering the ultimate convenience and flexibility in your wellness journey. Together, we're not just moving forward; we're setting new standards for what it means to be part of the YMCA community.



Throughout the month of March, we're waiving the 24/7 access fee! Simply follow the steps below:
  • Visit 1 of our YMCA locations; the YMCA on Old Forest Road, Jamerson Family YMCA, or the Downtown YMCA.
  • Have the primary on the account fill out a "24-Hour Add On Form", each location will have that form to add 24-Hour Access to the member on the account that wishes to use 24-hour access.
  • The member on the account registering for 24-Hour Access will need to be at least 18 years old and fill out the Code of Conduct Waiver form. 
  • Have a valid payment method on file to deduct the monthly charge which will begin in April 2024. A 30-day notice required to cancel 24-Hour Access.
  • Membership must be in good standing.
  • Bring your driver's license and be prepared to take a new photo, and provide us with your phone number and email address.
  • If you are on a Corporate Membership with payroll deduction and want to access 24-hour Access, please have a valid method of payment on file. 25-Hour Access will not be able to go through payroll deduction.


  • 24/7 access is available as a membership add-on and provides access to the wellness floor and universal locker rooms.
  • 24/7 access is available for ages 18+ with valid photo on file.
  • Facilities will be monitored 24/7 with state of the art security equipment.


  • Beginning March 18th, YMCA of Central Virginia members can upgrade their membership to 24/7 access for $4.99 per adult, per month. (Lynchburg City First Responders receive this membership add-on at no charge)
  • Visit any YMCA of Central Virginia branch to sign up for the 24-hour access program. (online registration is not available at this time)
    • YMCA of Central Virginia branches include:
      • YMCA on Old Forest Road
      • Downtown YMCA
      • Jamerson Family YMCA
  • Complete required waivers and agreements - this step must be completed in person as part of the registration process.
  • After registering, it may take up to 36-hours for your 24-hour access to be activated. You will receive an email from the 24-hour access team with your unique PIN number and other important information regarding access, such as parking and door entrance details.


What is 24-Hour Access?

24 Hour Access is an upgrade you can add to your membership which allows you to access our wellness center and universal locker rooms at the YMCA on Old Forest Road.

Where can members sign up for 24-Hour Access for the YMCA on Old Forest Road?

Members (18 and over) can sign up at any of the YMCA branches starting March 18th. Access may take up to 36 hours from registration. Members need to visit one of the branches as waivers must be completed prior to granting access. Registration is not currently available online. The fee is $4.99 per month, this fee will not be prorated regardless of when registering and then $4.99 per month at their scheduled draft date.

Will 24 Hour Access be staffed?

No, staff will be present during normal operating hours.

How will the facility be monitored?

Our facility is equipped with camera coverage. At least once each day as staff members review the camera footage to ensure member safety and that everyone is following the 24-hour access guidelines.

Can I bring a guest when using 24-Hour Access?

Neither guests nor Nationwide members have access to the YMCA outside of normal business hours.

Can I work out alone if I have 24-Hour Access?

Members are encouraged to buddy up with another YMCA 24-Hour Access member when using the YMCA outside of normal business hours.

How do I cancel the 24-Hour Access?

30 days' notice is requested. Members should email 247access@ymcacva.org to terminate.

What areas can be used with 24-Hour Access?

24-Hour Access is currently available at the YMCA on Old Forest Rd. Spaces available include the Wellness Center and universal locker rooms.

Can I share my pin with my spouse, sibling, mother, etc?

No, the pin is only for the registered & paying member. Sharing your pin code with others is a violation of the 24-Hour Code of Conduct and can result in termination of usage, membership, and a fine. Camera footage will be viewed daily.

What happens if a member forgets their pin code?

Members will need to email 247access@ymcacva.org to request an updated pin. Members should allow up to 36 hours for the new pin code. No refunds/adjustments will be made to the monthly fee.

Do families of Lynchburg City First Responders have to pay for 24-Hour Access?

Yes, only the first responder will have access at no cost to 24-Hour Access. Members on staff/first responder accounts that are 18 years of age and older may pay $4.99/per month for access. First Responders of other locations will need to pay the $4.99/per month at this time.

Is there a discount if more than one person has 24-Hour Access on a membership?

No, the fee is $4.99/per person per month. There is no charge for YMCA staff (only) and Lynchburg City First Responders. A copy of the first responders' badge is required to waive fee.

Can 24/7 access be added to a corporate membership?

Yes, however, members on a corporate membership with payroll deduction will need to provide a valid method of payment on file as we will not be billing the access thru payroll deduction. You can visit any of our YMCA branches to add a form of payment to your account.

How will I know if 24-Hour Access is unavailable during inclement weather, etc? 

Communication regarding any closings/delays of the 24-Hour Access will be made through the website and app.

Is it ok to hold the door open for another 24-Hour Access member?

No, please enter your code and enter. It is against the code of conduct to allow others into the YMCA under your pin code access.