At the Y, we believe health and fitness means taking care of the whole you, and we know that even small changes can make a big difference. We're invested in your health and helping you meet your goals, whether that means losing weight, gaining strength, or simply finding ways to increase energy and decrease stress. You're not only supported by our staff, you're part of a community committed to helping you learn new things, explore new activities, and discover your best self at any stage in your life.

Man Participating in an Aging Well Adult Class at Central Virginia YMCA

Aging-Well Adults

The Y offers classes geared for adults of all fitness levels and ages. We know you will find a class that is fun, supportive and keeps you moving to get a great workout while you make a new friends and reconnect with current ones. 

Community Health Programs at Central Virginia YMCA

Community Health

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Prevent or manage chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis and cancer through a variety of wellness classes and programs.



Focusing on the FUN in FUNctional Fitness and group training is where it’s at! Each 60 minute class is instructor led from start to finish with teaching and cueing throughout warm-ups, skills training, work out of the day time, our high intensity piece, and a cool down.

Lynchburg YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention Program

Redefine Your Health. Transform Your Life.

Of the 86 million people with prediabetes, only 10 percent know their condition. In addition to the high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, people with prediabetes are also at risk of developing other chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

Free programs to help you set and maintain your personal wellness goals

First Connection & FitQuest

First Connection and FitQuest are free programs to help you set and achieve your personal wellness goals. You’ll meet one-on-one with a YMCA Wellness Coach who will help you set goals, teach you to use the strength and cardio equipment, and create a customized workout plan that fits YOUR needs. Your Wellness Coach will be available over the course of your plan to answer questions and to make sure you are having a fun and fulfilling experience at the YMCA.

Group Exercise Classes at the Central Virginia YMCA

Group Exercise Classes

The secret to sticking with a health and fitness program is finding activities you enjoy and that keep you moving. At the Y you have hundreds of free choices – from low-impact activities like strength training, stretching and water exercise to high intensity classes like boot camp, interval training and indoor cycling.

Homeschool Physical Education at Lynchburg YMCA

Homeschool Physical Education

Led by a former Health and Physical Education teacher, this new program called HYPE, which is an acronym for Homeschool YMCA Physical Education, offers young people ages 5-12yrs old hands-on instruction in health, wellness, and physical education.

InBody Assessment at Central Virginia YMCA

InBody Assessment

Now you can leave the guessing behind and know exactly what is inside your body! Schedule an appointment with one of our fitness professionals who will lead you through a body-composition analysis that includes more than 20 measurements! InBody assessments are available at our Downtown YMCA and Jamerson Family YMCA locations.

Kids Youth Fitness Homeschool Gym Exercise

Kidz Gym Activities & Programs

It's Time to Get Up and Get Moving

Childhood obesity has become a nationwide epidemic, and being overweight has caused more and more young children to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and even heart disease.

LiveSTRONG program at Central Virginia YMCA


LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a small-group program developed and established in partnership with the LIVESTRONG Foundation, assists those who are living with, through, or beyond cancer to strengthen their spirit, mind, and body.

Nutrition and Wellness Programs at the Lynchburg YMCA

Nutrition Education Classes

Our nutrition classes are led by YMCA Certified Personal Trainers. Rather than telling you what to eat and when to eat, we help you build the skills and daily habits required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at you. In this program, individuals will learn how to eat on your own terms while establishing healthy habits.

Parkinson's Wellness Recover Program at the Lynchburg Virginia YMCA

Parkinson's Wellness Recovery

This evidence-based fitness program, led by a Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Fitness Trainer and team is designed specifically for those who have Parkinson’s Disease or PD-like conditions.

Personal Training Program at Lynchburg's YMCA

Personal Training

Our nationally certified trainers design an individually-specialized workout plan that will meet your specific goals. We look forward to working with you and helping you meet your wellness goals. 

Regymen Fitness Now in Lynchburg at the Central Virginia YMCA


At the Y, we’re focused entirely on you—your goals, your preferences, and your challenges. That's why REGYMEN Fitness workouts offer an interval training style workout where time flies and calories burn, and we provide the mental encouragement, inspiration, and social interaction proven to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals faster than going at it alone.

Sports Performance Training Lynchburg YMCA

Sports Performance

Be Phenomenal!

This program was built on the principles of total body strength and movement based training. The focus will be on intense workouts to help the driven individual, athlete, or team find and meet their goals.

Lynchburg's Storming of Thunder Ridge Central Virginia Biking Events

Storming of Thunder Ridge

Storming of Thunder Ridge is Lynchburg, Virginia’s only local, fully-supported road cycling event. With the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop, there’s a ride for everyone:  27, 45, 47 (The Mountain Only), 75 and 100 mile options.

Lynchburg YMCA Wounded Veteran Health and Wellness Programs

Yoga for Warriors

Yoga can help to condition and heal our bodies, and also promote a sense of calm and peace. Because of this, yoga can prove very beneficial for veterans. Not only can the practice heal the body, it can also help us to deal with the traumas and memories associated with combat and war.