IN-TOWN GUESTS Guests are allowed to come with a member. Guests 18 and over must pay $15.00 for the day. Guests 17 years and younger must pay $10.00 for the day. All guests must be with a member 18 years or older. All guests must show ID and complete a guest registration form and be identified as such. 


Guests are not permitted to use the facility without a member. The YMCA of Central Virginia does not allow day passes.

OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS Any out-of-town guest will be allowed use of the facility if accompanied by a YMCA of Central Virginia member at no charge for one week (7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS). The guest must have proper out of town identification and must reside 60+ miles from a YMCA of Central Virginia facility. Member must accompany the guest every visit.

OUT OF TOWN GUESTS WITHOUT A MEMBER If an out-of-town guest that is in the area on business/vacation and is not a current member of another Y, and wishes to use the YMCA of Central Virginia, they will need to purchase a ONE WEEK OUT OF TOWN GUEST PASS (7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS) for $35/week.

NATIONWIDE MEMBERS Nationwide Members traveling for business or vacationing in the area are subject to the rules of the Nationwide Membership policy. Those visiting the YMCA of Central Virginia as a nationwide member, are not permitted to bring a guest to the YMCA of Central Virginia.

*Recreational basketball is for YMCA members only.