Jessica Watts

Jessica Watts

As a child Jessica came to the Y to stay active and connected to her family. As a teenager Jessica worked at the Y, helping others be safe in the water. Now, as a mother, Jessica is instilling those same values and habits into her own children with the help of the Y.

My Y Story

My Y Story - Barb Hopper

Barb wanted to complete a triathlon. There was only one problem, Barb couldn't swim. She turned to the Y for help, and soon after she began adult swim lessons she was headed to the finish line, feeling confident and prepared to complete her goal. 


It's More than Fitness, It's About Quality of Life

Meet Shawn and Julianne, two friends who became stronger, healthier, and more connected with LIVESTRONG at the YMCA.


Meet Patti and CJ

Meet CJ and his grandma Patty. After struggling in school to focus and get ahead, CJ spent his summer learning and having fun in the Y's Power Scholar program. Over the summer he made great progress in both reading and math, made friends and go to explore his community. In the fall CJ went back to class prepared and ready to take on the school year more confident and prepared. 


Meet Donna

Learn how Donna is using REGYMEN at the Express YMCA to improve her overall health. 


Meet Tina

Hear how LiveStrong at the YMCA has helped Tina learn more about all that the YMCA of Central Virginia has to offer as well as get stronger during treatment and her fight against cancer.

Ed Rae

Meet Ed and Rae

View this touching story from one of our LiveSTRONG at the YMCA participants, Ed Medley, a caretaker for his wife who was diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago. Learn how LiveSTRONG at the YMCA has provided tools and resources for the Medley family to continue their journey to health and wellness.


Meet Debbie

Through participation in Enhance®Fitness at the YMCA of Central Virginia, Debbie has gained strength and improved her balance and flexibility. 


Meet Connie

Meet, Connie Pickral, and learn more about how LiveSTRONG at the YMCA has helped inspire and motivate her out of depression, thus changing her life.

Liz Lori

Meet Liz and Lori

Meet Lizabeth and Lori, they are Breast Friends! These LiveSTRONG at the YMCA participants share a special about their unique bond with one another and encouragement towards each other during their fight against breast cancer.


Meet Jennifer

Hear why Jennifer thinks that all cancer survivors can benefit from being a part of Livestrong at the YMCA and why we need YOUR support to continue offering this program in our community.


Meet Michael

Strong. Better. Healthier. Click below to hear and see how REGYMEN at the Express YMCA has helped Michael Jacob lose weight, become stronger and gain a better quality of life. 

Pettyjohn Family

The Pettyjohns Family

Hard work, dedication, and perseverance have Daniel! Following in his moms footsteps, Daniel became an athlete swimmer as part of the YMCA of Central Virginia's competitive swim team. Daniel will be attending the Coast Guard Academy after high school.