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At the Y, we’re focused entirely on you—your goals, your preferences, and your challenges. That's why REGYMEN Fitness workouts offer an interval training style workout where time flies and calories burn, and we provide the mental encouragement, inspiration, and social interaction proven to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals faster than going at it alone.

  • Backed by heart rate science. 

  • 60 minutes workouts: you’ll be in and out in an hour or less.

  • REGYMEN offers multiple workout options. Switching up your daily routine helps limit workout plateau.
  • Burn up to 1,000 calories per workout. 
  • Flexible membership packages.

When you join the REGYMEN family you become part of our mission to craft an engaging experience that changes how people think about exercise while advancing their health and happiness. In other words, you don’t just get workouts—you get RESULTS.



Who Is REGYMEN Designed For?

Who is Regymen Fitness for?

REGYMEN programs are for all fitness levels. Sessions provide the right intensity to take your fitness to the “next level.”

Because your workout is guided by your heart rate, your session will be tailored to your individual fitness level. And, you have the support and attention of a trainer to help you reach your goals.

REGYMEN is designed with you in mind - and remember, your first workout is on the house!

Where Is REGYMEN Offered?

Express Y Location Central Va YMCA

REGYMEN is offered exclusively at our newly expanded Express YMCA - now offering you more than ever before.

We've added a mind and body studio, group fitness studio, functional fitness area, FREE child watch for members, and recently updated cardio equipment. 

REGYMEN at the Express YMCA is unique to the Y - and can only be found at Express. We are the only the second Y in the country to offer REGYMEN - pretty cool!!!



Why is it Effective?


Myzone Technology
  • Heart-rate training meets you exactly where you are right now.

  • Challenge yourself (and your friends) while you work out with real-time data.

  • Reward your effort with points. Earn points over time and achieve new status levels in the Myzone App

Fitness Expertise
  • Designed by experts, led by certified personal trainers.

  • Team spirit and encouragement challenges and pushes you to show up more and do more in every workout.

  • 45–60 minute workouts. You'll be in and out in an hour or less.

Every workout is different
  • Focus changes daily, targeting a different area of the body.

  • Switching up your routine helps eliminate workout plateau.

  • Interval training helps you reach your goals faster.

It's fun and exciting
  • Helps limit burnout.

  • Different focuses prevents boredom.

  • Social interaction helps keep you motivated which helps you reach your goals faster.

Body Changing
  • Focuses on areas such as muscle gain, calorie burn, flexibility and agility. 

  • You'll experience more energy than ever before.

  • Burn calories efficiently, up to 1,000 calories per session OR nearly double your typical workout.     

  • The Afterburn Effect. For up to 36 hours after your workout, your body burns calories at a greater rate, up to 15% of your workout burn, even while resting.

  • Reach new fitness levels and goals faster.



Text REGYMEN to 313131 to experience the best workout of your life.