Lynchburg YMCA Swim Team 

Position Description: Senior Assistant Coach 

Start Date: As soon as possible 

This coach works with the National and/or Varsity group on a daily basis at the Head Coach’s direction. This coach may be asked to attend meets (typically Friday night-Sunday 1x per month, sometimes more often during championship season). 

Ideal candidate: 

· Enthusiastic and passionate about swimming, eager to pass that enthusiasm on to swimmers 

· Responsible, trustworthy, dependable, and able to work in a team setting and independently 

· Creative and flexible in workout design 

· Effective communicator with swimmers, coaches, and parents 

Practice schedule (subject to change) 

During the school year: 

  • With the Varsity Group 
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 5:30-8:00pm at the Downtown YMCA 
    • Wednesdays 4:15-7:00pm at the Downtown YMCA 
    • Fridays 4:15-6:30pm at the Downtown YMCA 
    • Sunday 12:30-2:15pm at the Jamerson YMCA 
  • With the National Group 
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays 4:15-7:15pm at the Downtown YMCA 
    • Wednesdays 5:00-8:00pm at the Downtown YMCA 
    • Sundays 1:30-4:00pm at the Downtown YMCA 
  • From approximately Memorial Day until the 1st week of August: 
  • Mornings Monday through Saturday at Miller Park or Jamerson YMCA 
  • Other practices as adjusted due to meets, unexpected circumstances, etc. 
  • Practice runs approximately 49 weeks per year, with one week off in late March or early April and two weeks off in mid-August. We typically take Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s off, but will otherwise practice through holidays. 

Compensation: $12.00 per hour, paid semi-monthly. Travel expenses to meets & certification expenses will be compensated. A full individual YMCA membership is included with employment. 


  • Assisting with the National and/or Varsity group lead coaches to raise the level of performance, guide technical learning, and enhance the energy in the practice environment. 
  • Regular communication with the head coach via email & coaches' meeting. 
  • Contribution to news articles for our website and other outlets that praise and highlight the achievements of our team. 
  • Some set-up and clean-up for team-hosted meets (typically 3-4 times per year) 
  • Other responsibilities as given by the head coach. 

Team Philosophy 

  • The YMCA values, of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring are the foundation for helping our athletes explore their athletic potential by creating an environment where every individual is expected to strive for excellence. 
  • We believe in emphasizing aerobic training while developing proper technique as the path to swimming improvement in swimmer’s early years, with an increasing emphasis on intensity/race pace swimming as they get older. 
  • We believe in developing well-rounded swimmers who are capable of swimming all four strokes well over a wide range of distances. We use the IMX program as a primary incentive. 
  • We encourage year-round training as a means to swimming excellence, but we do not have a strict attendance policy. 

Other Expectations 

  • Compliance with all YMCA and USA Swimming personal conduct policies, including the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy. Our coaches are expected to be role models that exemplify the values that we expect of our athletes. 
  • Regular attendance at practice is expected. Absences should be rare and if known in advance must be communicated and cleared through the head coach. Emergency absences should also be communicated as soon as possible to the head coach. 
  • Some flexibility in practice schedule on weekends or holiday times and the ability to fill in coaching the National or Varsity groups when the lead coach is away. 


  • Minimum three years’ experience coaching swimmers 13 & older or significant experience as a senior –level or collegiate swimmer. 
  • Current CPR/First Aid/AED/Swim Coaches’ Safety Training or the ability to obtain these before start date. 
  • USA Swimming and YMCA Coach Membership and successful completion of a background check. These will be paid for by the YMCA.

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