What is YMCA360?

YMCA360 is the people, places, and programs of the YMCA brought digitally to life.  Members of partner Ys have full access to the more than 1,000 high quality on-demand instructional videos and live streaming programs that allow members to enjoy the breadth and depth of YMCA programs no matter where they happen to be!

How do I access YMCA360?

YMCA360 can be accessed through any internet browser on a computer or mobile device by visiting www.ymca360.org and entering your zip code, selecting your branch of the YMCA, and providing the email address that is currently in the YMCA membership database.

Also on AppleTV & Roku: YMCA360 is also currently available on AppleTV and on Roku.  Just search for YMCA360 in either the AppleTV store or using Roku search to download the appropriate app, and then start participating in your favorite Y programs.

Signing in on either television app is the same as signing on via the web.

What do I do if YMCA360 is unable to authenticate me as a member and won’t let me in?

Provided you have selected your home YMCA and not a branch from another YMCA association, chances are that the YMCA does not have the email address currently on file that you are attempting to use for signing into YMCA360. Please contact your home YMCA and update your email address. After that, you should be all set.

The app is asking me for a six-digit code. What is that?

The first time that you log-in on a new device, YMCA360 is going to authenticate your access to the email address that you used to sign-in by sending an email with a six-digit code to that email address.  Please check your email to find the code that you can enter into YMCA360 to gain first-time access to the platform.

Will I have to enter that six-digit code every time I log on?

No, you will only be asked for that code if you log on using a different device or following periodic app updates.

What are the six round buttons just above the video carousels on the home screen?

The buttons are the current assortment of YMCA360 categories or channels:

  • KidsFamily: A wide array of programs for youth and families. Everything from basketball to kids’ yoga, cooking to gymnastics, soccer to dance lessons, and STEM projects to family fitness
  • Mind & Body: A huge assortment of programs to help strengthen your mind and body including Pilates, tai chi, meditation, and a wide variety of yoga programs for all levels.
  • Fitness First: Get moving with our treasure trove of fitness videos that cover everything from weightlifting and stretching, to Boot Camp, Y Box, Latin Dance and so much more!
  • Around the Y: This channel features homegrown content from some of our partner YMCAs organized by State and then by local YMCA.
  • Boomers & Beyond: An assortment of exercise and fitness videos designed for anyone over the age of 55 needing something adapted for the active older adult.
  • Live Streaming: This channel features scheduled LIVE content from our partner YMCAs.  Tune in and interact with fellow participants as well as your instructor!

What can you tell me about the video carousels just below the buttons?

  • Recently Watched: This carousel is customized for you based upon your recently viewed programs. If you find something you really like and want to repeat the class, you should find it waiting for you here!
  • Featured: An assortment of videos curated by YMCA360 for members.
  • New Releases: Each Monday, we’ll feature the week’s new releases here!

What content do I have access to as a YMCA member?

As a member of a YMCA360 partner YMCA, you have access to everything on the platform!

If I know what I am looking for, what is the quickest way to find it?

The quickest way to find any content that you are seeking is to use the powerful search feature on YMCA360. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and type in what you are seeking.  You can search by program, instructor, or YMCA name/location (i.e., yoga, Michelle, or San Francisco). You can even search using broader terms like sports or fitness.


What about the Facebook LIVE group? Will YCVA Instructors be on Y360?

The Facebook LIVE group will continue to be a resource for our members to use until December 1, 2021. There are plans to feature some YMCACVA instructors on YMCA360. There will be a period of time when our instructors are creating content for YMCA360, and they will not be accessible online LIVE, however our Youtube channel is available for members and participants to use in the interim.