Can I do this ride?

That’s something many riders struggle with when considering an event such as Storming of Thunder Ridge. The answer – in most cases – is yes, you can.

We asked riders who participated in past events about their experience riding the 45 and 75 mile routes. Some were new to cycling. Others had concerns about the difficulty. These riders finished and are riding again every year. You can, too!

What worried you?

  • My biggest concern was safety. Things such as cars, pebbles on the road, speed, operator error were definitely on my mind. A year later they still are but I am a bit more comfortable on the bike.
  • My biggest concern was if I could actually complete the course.

What kind of bike did you ride?

  • Last year, I borrowed a Trek road bike from a very gracious friend. I now own my own bike.
  • I rode an older road bike. Nothing fancy but a good basic bike.

How difficult was it?

  • There are a few hills that really get you working. But for every hill there is a great downhill ride on the other side.
  • It was perfect for me.
  • I was a beginner and had never ridden over 15 miles before I started training for this. You go at your own pace, stopping if you need to.
  • The difficult thing for me is climbing up Thunder Ridge (featured on the 75 and 100 miles routes). It’s a long climb.

How did you feel after the ride?

  • The ride was fun, beautiful and just the right amount of challenge.
  • I felt great after the ride! The support, cookies, drinks, pizza, and massages were an added treat.
  • After the ride, I felt so proud for what I had accomplished. It was a great event, well organized, wonderful cookies and a massage for those tired muscles.


There you have it. Nearly any rider can do Storming of Thunder Ridge.

Remember, it’s fully-supported with clear course markings, turn-by-turn directions, route monitoring vehicles, rest stops, mechanical help and more.   All the routes follow one another and have certain intersections where you can choose to “cut-it-short”.

To help you prepare, we’ve got expert tips from elite riders and mechanics on training, getting your bike ready, finishing strong and more. Just friend us on Facebook – we’ll let you know when we post new info.

So, what advice would last year’s riders give to someone who’s on the fence?

Sign up, get riding and have fun!”