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At the Y, we believe health and fitness means taking care of the whole you, and we know that even small changes can make a big difference. We're invested in your health and helping you meet your goals, whether that means losing weight, gaining strength, or simply finding ways to increase energy and decrease stress. You're not only supported by our staff, you're part of a community committed to helping you learn new things, explore new activities, and discover your best self at any stage in your life.

20/20/20 Fitness Programs at the Lynchburg YMCA


What a great combo class!! 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, and 20 minutes of core. Get a great workout in one hour!!

Man Participating in an Aging Well Adult Class at Central Virginia YMCA

Aging-Well (AOA) Balance & Restore

This class will focus on ways to incorporate stability work into your daily activity. We will look at the whole body and the importance of strength, flexibility, posture, core strength and recovery. Must be able to get up and down off the floor.

Water Aerobics

Aqua Fitness

Water group exercise classes are a wonderful alternative to “land” exercises. With water exercise, you receive the same benefits of a cardiovascular workout with less impact on your joints. All fitness levels and non-swimmers are welcome!

Lynchburg YMCA Fitness Classes Bodypump


A full body routine working major muscle groups in a series of isolation based exercises including squats, dead lifts, and presses, focusing on muscle endurance using several repetitions.

Cardio Program at the Central Virginia Y


Get your heart pumping in our cardiovascular classes! Cardio classes work out your whole body, increasing your metabolism and burning calories. With everything from aqua to dance classes, you'll find the cardio class you love.

Classes for Teens and Kids at the Lynchburg YMCA

Classes for Kids and Teens

The YMCA offers fitness programs that are designed to improve your child's overall coordination, endurance and strength while having fun and making friends in a safe, welcoming environment.

Fitness Programs at the Lynchburg YMCA Core and Abs

Core & More

What a great way to target the muscles of the core and get that heart pumping!! This is a wonderful way to tone the body!!

Cross Training Fitness Programs at the Central Virginia YMCA

Cross Training

A mixture of Step aerobics, Floor (Hi/Low), Boxing, or Muscle. All this in one fun packed hour. The format is never the same. These cross training classes has offerings for both high and low intensity.

Lynchburg Virginia YMCA Crossfit Fitness Program


Focusing on the FUN in FUNctional Fitness and group training is where it’s at! Each 60 minute class is instructor led from start to finish with teaching and cueing throughout warm-ups, skills training, work out of the day time, our high intensity piece, and a cool down. Our staff is adept at tailoring options appropriate for each individual and providing an optimal stimulus to help you reach your goals.

Cycling and other Fitness Programs at the Lynchburg YMCA


Build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories like crazy in this athletic workout. Our fitness instructors will challenge you with multi-level and intense intervals on a specialized stationary bike. Your bike, your workout!

High Intensity Interval Training at the Central Virginia YMCA

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT classes are coached and programmed by members of our own professional staff. During each class coaches will demonstrate every move, always focusing on proper form, making sure you are safe and getting the most out of each workout. You won’t have to worry about what you are doing, just follow along at the best of your ability.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Kempo Karate & Jiu-Jitsu

Self Defense! Fitness! Confidence!

We offer programs for Kids (ages 5-12) and Teens/Adults who want to learn a proven self defense system, gain newfound confidence, and get in the absolute best shape of their life! Try a free class today!

Strength Training in Lynchburg Virginia

Strength Training

The Y offers a variety of strength-training classes that combine the benefits of building strength with the motivation and positive atmosphere of a group exercise class.

Stretch Yoga Pilates Program in Lynchburg at the YMCA

Stretch, Yoga & Pilates

Living healthy is about spirit, mind and body at every age and stage. The YMCA of Central Virginia offers a variety of mind/body classes to help you relax, strengthen, stretch and improve flexibility.

Zumba Classes in Lynchburg Virginia at the YMCA

Zumba & Dance Classes

Dance calories away in Zumba and other dance fitness classes! These high-energy workouts get you moving in a fun atmosphere with motivating music.