High Intensity Interval Training Fitness Programs YMCA Lynchburg


HIIT classes are coached and programmed by members of our own professional staff. During each class coaches will demonstrate every move, always focusing on proper form, making sure you are safe and getting the most out of each workout.

You won’t have to worry about what you are doing, just follow along at the best of your ability. HIIT workouts are great for both beginners and elite athletes as it is an effective means to improve cardiovascular fitness as well as improve glucose regulation.

HIIT can improve athleticism and athletic capacity. 


Consist of stations, high-intensity, resistance and endurance. This class is challenging enough for advanced weight lifters but also simple enough for advanced beginners

Extreme Fit

Want to burn fat and tone muscle? This class has it all! H.I.I.T training for 30 minutes including body weight exercises with some equipment and 15 minutes of core and stretch.

Barre Bootcamp

Inspired by ballet and strength training, this high intensity barre class targets your arms, core, thighs, and glutes.

Low Impact/High Energy

For those who may have joint pain and/or inflammation, but still desire a workout which will increase heart rate and stamina.


A total-body workout that will keep your body guessing—and transforming—with a variety of strength-training moves, cardio conditioning, and core work.